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Short and Sweet

My Bachelor’s was in ecology and evolutionary biology, and my college didn’t have much in the way of teaching or research in sustainability. When I became more interested in biodiversity conservation, and then sustainability, and then climate change adaptation, I frequently felt overwhelmed by how far behind I was in terms of the background information I needed to know in order to understand how these fields were progressing. Often, even news articles would be almost incomprehensible to me. I was relieved any time I found an article or a picture that simplified things for me. Often, a single simple explanation was enough to encourage me to learn more about a given topic, and my curiosity has always been rewarded.

Many more people could be involved in discourses regarding any environmental issue if they were less intimidated by how little they know and had some way of accessing the basic information that would excite them about learning more. The pages below are compilations of simple explanations I’ve come across on a variety of topics. In the future, I may add notes that I’ve taken, as a way of helping others quickly synthesize more complex topics. Ideally, these sources should take about 5 minutes to get through.

Biodiversity and Ecology

Climate Change

Climate Change Adaptation


Food and Agriculture

Marine (including fish we eat)



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  2. This is a wonderful idea. Keep going!

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