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Notes from LSE’s Unlocking the Potential: Infrastructure Financing in Africa

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Here is the event description:


The scene was set by Teddy Brett from the LSE Department of International Development, who hit the following points:

  • “Africa’s growth story” shows “great potential for future development”
  • Continent characterized by rural areas and is highly depended on agriculture
  • Countries on the continent have a high food import bill
  • With proper investment, could double agricultural investment in five years
  • China, Brazil, South Korea, and India are major actors on the scene of foreign investment in Africa, “but the problem is that China operates in an entirely different way”

My audio recordings of the event can be found here. They begin with the first speaker (not Teddy Brett but Rob Donnelly from Shell) who is unfortunately very difficult to understand in these recordings. The second speaker (Andrew Maclean, DFID) begins somewhere after about the tenth minute and is relatively more audible. Recordings go up to the end of the question time, although there is a gap between the first and the second recording where my phone automatically timed out.


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