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Happy Divestment Day! (Update)

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As divestment campaigns are kicking off around the world, let’s spend a few minutes celebrating them on Global Divestment Day!

I haven’t been as involved in UCL Fossil Free’s divestment campaign as I want to (because learning about the environment has been so intense I haven’t been able to spend as much time actually protecting it as I would like…) but they have been doing an amazing job! They recently had a “Love-In” where they covered themselves in oil and staged an orgy involving Shell, BP, and the UCL Provost, Michael Arthur. Here’s a summary article, and here is an interview. Naomi Klein talks about the relationship between divestment campaigns and the carbon bubble in this interview with here.

Worldwide, events are going on to promote divestment from fossil fuels–check them out and try to get involved! Get inspired by checking out how Fossil Free UK–in the form of carbon bubbles–got in Shell CEO Ben Van Beurden’s way as he tried to make a speech at the International Petroleum Conference. Read about how the Metropolitan police, the Greater London Authority, and the Westminster city council are getting in the way of climate change protesters’ freedom to protest.


Update on events (16 February 2015): 

The Go Fossil Free website has compiled some great stats, media reports, and multimedia things showing the massive global support for divestment.

Fossil Free UCL’s activities alone were highlighted in a variety of publications, including this mention in the Guardian feature “Global Divestment Day: ‘We are ready for urgent action on climate change’:

Guinevere Carter, UCL Fossil Free Activist


Londoners, if you are in town on March 29, try to participate in BP or Not BP Flashmob at the British Museum, which is sponsored by BP. (The company also sponsors many other art and culture institutions in and around London.)

In browsing the interwebs, I found this PhD studentship on the “Sustainability of Manufactured Water” at UCL, funded by BHP Billiton! How lovely. (If you are confused as to why that’s strange/wrong, I wrote a piece on it here.)


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