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Keystone XL Protest

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This Urbane Ecologist’s picture just made it in a protest photograph! And it’s only my third protest! It’s nothing very impressive but I’m learning how to be more than a comfortable blogger/armchair activist, so seeing myself in a news article is quite exciting. Turning up somewhere and waving a sign is not particularly brave or committed, I know, but baby steps…

Tonight, opponents of the Keystone XL Pipeline held vigils across the country, expressing their dissatisfaction with the State Department’s report that came out last week. A quick Google before and after the event revealed no media coverage from the bigger new outlets like the New York TimesWall Street Journal, Guardian, Huffington Post, etc. Which is very strange*, considering that this was not a local or unimportant phenomenon. Fox News managed to mention it last week, although a protest is not civil disobedience so they got the headline wrong, as usual. Here is a map of the vigils.

In case you have been hearing about this Keystone thing and you have no idea what it’s about but you are vaguely curious, here is a short Guardian summary of the issue. Short and sweet, I promise.

* Yes, that was sarcasm.


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