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This week’s adaptation news

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I’m experimenting with a new blog feature–weekly summaries with the world’s news in climate change adaptation.

On January 23, the New York Times wrote an article about how influential companies, such as Coca-Cola and Nike, have begun to feel the effects of climate change, such as water shortages and increased energy prices. Nestle’s CEO things God should handle global warming, but the company is at serious risk from the effects of climate change–cocoa cannot grow in excess heat.

On January 28, John Abraham wrote “Vulnerable to climate change, Cameroon tackles the problem head-on“. He mentions quite a few interesting studies that provide some background on Cameroon and the region’s vulnerability to climate change, and then goes on to talk about his interest in the work of the Catholic University Institute of Buea. Specifically, he was interested in how a country with a high unemployment rate and challenges in providing electricity could realistically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The University’s undergraduates at the School of Engineering are working on several projects, including constructing wind turbines and solar driers and developing ideas for local waste management. Abraham got me very excited by setting up the problem and introducing these students’ work, but I was disappointed because I would have loved to hear more than he divulged! Tell us more about each project and what they have done so far and what they plan on doing!

Uganda’s coffee industry is thinking about switching to drought resistant coffee beans, given that rising temperatures could make the country unable to produce one of their most important crops.

As floods and rain continue to batter various parts of the UK–more rain having fallen this January than since it began being recorded in 1767– the focus seems to be on coping. There hasn’t been much news on long-term adaptation to a similar state of affairs. The government has a lot of work ahead in developing long-term plans.

A Cambridge researcher determined that fracking firms in Britain should be paying 6 billion GBP to compensate for their contribution to climate change, according to an article in the Guardian. I didn’t look very hard, but I couldn’t find the original study.

A ThinkProgress article discussed how Phoenix is preparing adapting to climate change, particularly a hotter climate. According to the Mayor, Phoenix has done well in planning for the increased heat’s effect of water.

Massachusetts’ Governor Patrick announced that he would be committing $50 million to Massachusetts’ communities in preparation for the anticipated increasing number of storms and rising sea levels. 

And just for fun…

The Guardian’s slideshow “Ten City Maps from History“.

A cook at one of Antarctica’s research stations gives us “a day in the life”.

Don’t forget! The C40’s Mayors Summit is happening next week! The theme: “Towards resilient and livable Megacities–demonstrating action, impact and opportunity”. Looks like they’ll have live streaming!


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